The Odyssey of two French, on motorbikes, to South-East Asia will begin in:

The purpose of this 7 months journey is to discover several countries and to meet the people along the road. Discovering landscapes, environment, customs and traditions of the people we will meet.
The bike has been chosen to travel because, in addition to the sporty aspect, it allows direct contact. The passenger compartment of a car always represents a small "home" which isolates so little.

Sharing is also at the heart of this odyssey. Aware of the opportunity that opens to them, our two adventurers want to share their journey with the maximun of people and schools.

After Bali, the trip will continue to East Timor. The last country, newly independent, in South East Asia.
An opportunity for Alain to meet his friend Dr. José Ramos Horta , Nobel Peace Prize and previous President of the Republic of Timor-Leste. Also an opportunity to make known this wonderful country

During the trip, Barbara and Alain will share with their "followers" photos, videos and reports.
For this purpose 2 TV channels (YouTube and Vimeo) will be open as well as a blog .

Obviously for the bikers, adventures and experiences will be on the menu of these shares.
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Alain B.

The initiator of the project. The hair in autumn !
He gave 25 years of his active life to aviation as a captain. Then becoming documentary filmmaker.
Based in Indonesia for more than 20 years, he travels the world (122 countries where he set foot) by making documentaries. While being independent, he collaborates with various TV channels including National Geographic.

To his credit more than 150,000 kms of adventure-tours on different motorbikes in both Africa and Asia. He had a lot of trouble getting rid of his loyal Yamaha 500 XT for new models :-)
His philosophy: "The Stranger is the Friend that we do not know yet !"

2018 - An unexpected and unlikely encounter between Barbara and Alain during an exhibition.
The conversation begins ...
Barbara: "Great your project, I don't dare asking you to go with you ..."
Alain: "So don't ask and come ..."
Ten days later Barbara had her new motorcycle.


Barbara J.

The youngest of the adventure, hair in summer, has always traveled the world with her camera as a faithful travel companion.
Sailing, motorcycle, on foot, Elsewhere is its engine, the Discovery of the Other its fuel.
A chance meeting in her mosaic workshop, at an unlikely moment, offered an opportunity for this artist to combine her passion for travel and her artistic vision, in order to offer us a new mosaic made of the diversity of peoples and cultures through of the 26 countries they will cross during this long journey.
FB : Barbarella de Sanary


France - Italia - Croatia - Montenegro - Albania - Greece - Turkish - Georgia - Azerbaïdjan - Kazakhstan - Ouzbekistan - Kirghistan - China - Province of Tibet (China) - Nepal - India - Bhoutan - Burma - Laos - Cambodgia - Thaïland - Malaysia - Singapore - Indonesia - East Timor.

Ouf ! A Good Rest ... after 7 months and 28,000 kms!


The choice fell on 2 "Himalayan" of the famous Indian brand "Royal Enfield".
The bikes have been delivered and are currently being prepared for this journey.

Equipments for motorcycles and bikers are still being selected and tested.
  * We will come back to this at the next update


The 2 bikers being professional of image and video, a particular care will be brought to the quality and the reliability of the material. Cameras, on-board cameras, drones, stabilizers, computers etc ...
* We will keep you informed

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Departure sunday 03 mars 2019 from Saint-Tropez.
A concentration of motorcycles is planned the 02/03 march 2019



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